All Aboard Florida Environmental Impact Statement

When creating our plan for All Aboard Florida, noise and environmental concerns were key to the decision making process. We believe the railway will have a hugely positive impact on the area in both of these key areas, and the publication of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) validates this assumption.

High-speed railways are applauded for the way they can reduce fuel consumption, roadway congestion, and pollution within urban areas. They can impact communities in a number of ways, and we are thrilled about the future economic, tourism and job creation opportunities the railway will create.

The EIS report offers key insight in the following areas:

  • Impact on waterway navigation and the marine industry
  • Vibrations and noise
  • Effects on cultural resources
  • Impact to air and water quality

The final report is available on the FRA’s website, Federal Rail Administration Final EIS Report. The 75-day comment period began on September 19, the date the FRA published the EIS, and ended on December 3, 2014.

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) required an EIS be completed for projects like All Aboard Florida.