All Aboard Florida will have a positive impact on the lives of millions. This page seeks to provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding this Florida train.

What stops will be along the route?
All Aboard Florida's Brightline train stretches from downtown Miami to the Orlando airport, with stops in downtown Fort Lauderdale and downtown West Palm Beach along the way. It will utilize 195 miles of existing Florida rail lines along the coast while adding 40 new miles inland to Orlando.


Click map to see detailed image of the Brightline train route

How long will it take to travel the route?
Downtown Miami to Downtown Fort Lauderdale in under 30 minutes.
Miami to West Palm Beach in 60 minutes.
Miami to Orlando in about three hours.

What is the schedule for the trains?
Brightline is convenient offering frequent departures throughout the day and evening. During peak travel times, more frequent departures will be offered.

Will there be on-board amenities for passengers?
Yes! Here are some of the impressive amenities and services available to passengers:
•    Food and beverage selections
•    Complimentary Wi-Fi
•    Smart Phone and Online reservations
•    Bike and Luggage Storage
•    Wheelchair Accessible
•    Pet-friendly

How does the project benefit me and other Floridians?
Brightline will create an abundance of new leisure and business opportunities, as well as promote small business growth and job creation along the corridor. The service will mark a new era of efficient, affordable, and convenient transportation for locals and tourists alike. Stations will be placed in downtown areas primed for growth and revitalization, and the 50 million travelers who currently fly or drive between Orlando and South Florida will have an alternative, superior mode of travel.

What will the environmental impact be?

By utilizing existing rail and road transportation corridors, the environmental impact of construction is minimal. The trains will take three million vehicles off roads. This will reduce fuel consumption, reduce Florida's carbon footprint, and pave the way for a greener, eco-friendly future.

Will there be any negative impacts? How will this affect existing local transit systems?
No. The placement of stations will encourage riders to utilize the Metrorail system in Miami, the SunRail in Orange County, and the future Wave streetcar in Fort Lauderdale, among many other forms of transportation.

How much will a ticket cost?
Brightline tickets will be priced comparable to driving and a lot less than flying.  Specific ticket prices will be announced closer to the launch of our service.